Workout Bands

Our team has been hard at work testing the most effective exercises for you to use on the Trigger Point Rocker. This band set is the easiest and most frequently used accessory in our workouts.We'll share more of these workouts once you get the TPR.
This premium set of bands is made of soft cotton & polyester fabric that features an inner layer of non-slip latex wire that keeps the band steady to give the user a comfortable experience when using it on bare skin.
  • Versatile
    • Great to use for dynamic warm-ups, CrossFit, yoga, Pilates and strength workouts for your glutes. You can use these with and without the TPR.
  • Set of 3 sizes
    • You will get 3 upgraded fitness bands with different resistance levels: Light, Medium, and Heavy.
    • Portable
      • These resistant bands are portable and come with a bag for you to carry them anywhere. Take them to a park, gym or hotel so you can continue with your workout routine anywhere you go.
    • Machine-wash safe
      • Even after repeated washes and uses, the elasticity of these bands are maintained.