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Developed by Dr. Aaron Fu, DPT - this is the first seat cushion ever featuring Active Lumbar Support, allowing you to sit healthy anywhere you are.

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Whoa, this is insane!

A whole different chair, just by adding the cushion!

Lifted Lumbar

I feel like I've released a lot of tension.

As someone who battles with arthritis in my lower back, my hips and my shoulders, I just got on the floor right here and 20 seconds later I feel much more relaxed.

Trigger Point Rocker

It's straightening my posture for me.

I know we're supposed to stand, and I have a standing desk, but honestly I still sit all the time. This feels like it's straightening my posture for me.

Lifted Lumbar

This is great, because its placed exactly in the points you want them to.

Because with lacrosse balls and all these toys, you have 1 and you try to put in the right place and half of your time is trying to reorient it in the right place.

Trigger Point Rocker

Customer Reviews

Based on 280 reviews
Kolby Durham
Modification needed

This cushion is itself. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with any of my 3 office chairs. My office chairs have built in lumbar support so the back ends up pushing you forward and you feel like you are fighting to stay on the cushion. A simple modification of adding a zipper between the top and bottom would allow more versatility.

Irwin Co
not so comfortable

upon sitting its pushing your trousers back and tightening your balls. and making it uncomfortable.

Relief from chronic lower back pain

I have chronic lower back pain and I am currently waiting for an operation to have the ReActiv8 system’s electrodes inserted into my multifidus muscles, on either side of spine with a battery and control box put into a pocket in my bum cheek. My operation was originally scheduled for June, but sadly for a number of reasons has been postponed. It is now 20th September and the next possible date is 30th October.
The Lifted Lumbar seat is going to help me get relief from the excruciating pain I get from just walking a few yards or doing light housework. It is very comfortable allowing for different amounts of lumbar support depending on how bad my pain is. The ability to position it wherever I am sitting is especially useful, allowing me to use it anywhere.
The Lifted Lumbar is going to help me survive my terrible pain until the ReActiv8 system starts to strengthen by multifidus muscles and relieve my pain.

Richard Kephart
A product that works, not just hype

My body is quite broken with lower back spinal cord damage in multiple areas. I've tried everything my doctors have suggested and I think I have had more needles stuck in me than a pin cushion. I have also tried numerous products advertised on numerous platforms that would allegedly provide some pain relief all to no avail, just hype no relief. Well, my wallet did get relieved of more than a few bucks. I hurt enough that I will just about everything in the search of pain relief. When I decided to get the Lifted Lumbar I was expecting more hype and more wasted money. I was very happily surprised to finally purchase something that wasn't hype. My computer chair had a growing number of gel pads on it in the search of relief. I now have no pads, just the lifted lumbar. As soon as I sat down the first time I knew it was not hype. I have had the lifted lumbar for about a week now and still feel like it is providing some relief. Will it provide long-term relief, well that remains to be seen but it is looking really good so far. I hope you experience what I have.

Laura Cheng
Sadly don’t love it.

I find the padding a bit too thick. It doesn’t fit my body well.

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