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Health & Wellness Bundle + Free Bag

Health & Wellness Bundle + Free Bag

Limited supply

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This bundle includes:

1. Sling Bag for Trigger Point Rocker

2. Posture Corrector (wear it anytime, anywhere - even under your shirt)

3. Dynamic Loop Bands (perfect for this Shoulder Stretch)


Plus, unlimited access to our Exercise & Stretch Library!

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We Love Our Community

Whoa, this is insane!

A whole different chair, just by adding the cushion!

Lifted Lumbar

I feel like I've released a lot of tension.

As someone who battles with arthritis in my lower back, my hips and my shoulders, I just got on the floor right here and 20 seconds later I feel much more relaxed.

Trigger Point Rocker

It's straightening my posture for me.

I know we're supposed to stand, and I have a standing desk, but honestly I still sit all the time. This feels like it's straightening my posture for me.

Lifted Lumbar

This is great, because its placed exactly in the points you want them to.

Because with lacrosse balls and all these toys, you have 1 and you try to put in the right place and half of your time is trying to reorient it in the right place.

Trigger Point Rocker

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
John Miller
A must for any fitness enthusiast

The Posture Corrector is superbly comfortable, and the resistance bands are perfect for my TPR exercises. Plus, the bag is so convenient for transporting all this.

Patricia Jackson
Truly a game-changer

I have been using this bundle for a while now all I can say is - it's awesome. 🙌

Joseph Turner
Practical and useful

The Health & Fitness Bundle + Free Bag is exactly what I needed, the bag comfortably fits my TPR, and the additional items like the Posture Corrector and Resistance Bands are practical and very useful.

Doris Green
Amazing ensemble

Fitness essentials bundled together. Very handy,

Robert Jones
A Perfect Combo

This bundle is the perfect complement to the TPR. The Sling Bag is robust, the Posture Corrector is convenient to wear, and the Resistance Bands offer a lot of versatility. This is a complete health and fitness package.

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