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Trigger Point Rocker®

Trigger Point Rocker®

Product Benefits

  • 👨‍⚕️ Doctor-Developed Chiropractic Traction Device
  • ✅ Full Back, Neck, Shoulder Relief
  • 💪 Stretcher and Cracker for Deep Release

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Developed by Dr. Aaron Fu based on 1000s of screaming backs, necks and shoulders.

  • Posture correction via neutral spine position
  • Lay on it or sit with it
  • Try it risk-free ✅

How It Works

  1. Slowly lower your body onto the Trigger Point Rocker
  2. Place deep pressure on certain knobs to target specific areas
  3. Rock side to side for extra release of muscle tightness

Video Testimonials

The Science Behind It

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120-Day Happiness Guarantee

120-Day Happiness Guarantee

120-Day Happiness Guarantee

120-Day Happiness Guarantee

120-Day Happiness Guarantee

120-Day Happiness Guarantee

120-Day Happiness Guarantee

120-Day Happiness Guarantee

120-Day Happiness Guarantee

120-Day Happiness Guarantee

Step 1

Slowly lower body onto the Trigger Point Rocker

Step 2

Place deep pressure on certain knobs to target specific areas

Step 3

Slightly rock side-to-side to increase pressure

Dr. Aaron Fu, DPT

Co-Founder & Medical Designer

Hi, I'm Dr. Aaron Fu. As a doctor of physical therapy, I see cases of neck, shoulder and back pain on a daily basis. To share my expertise and to positively impact as many people as possible, I created Trigger Point Systems.

I wanted to create a product that made sense financially, but most of all, makes your body feel like we turned back time!

We Love Our Community

Whoa, this is insane!

A whole different chair, just by adding the cushion!

Lifted Lumbar

I feel like I've released a lot of tension.

As someone who battles with arthritis in my lower back, my hips and my shoulders, I just got on the floor right here and 20 seconds later I feel much more relaxed.

Trigger Point Rocker

It's straightening my posture for me.

I know we're supposed to stand, and I have a standing desk, but honestly I still sit all the time. This feels like it's straightening my posture for me.

Lifted Lumbar

This is great, because its placed exactly in the points you want them to.

Because with lacrosse balls and all these toys, you have 1 and you try to put in the right place and half of your time is trying to reorient it in the right place.

Trigger Point Rocker

Customer Reviews

Based on 328 reviews
Ben Rerekura

This thing is fucken awesome!, I can feel the difference (read, less pain).
My only regret is I pulled the trigger to soon, should've waited for the latest model....damn!

Christy Steiner
Bye bye back knots

I hold a lot of stress (knots) in my upper back, trigger point hits all my knots. I love this gadget. Thank you! I’m 5’1 and 125lbs and it fits my back perfect.

Ilhami Kaygusuz

I am very happy with the point trigger.
I would like to order more in soon.

William Cinco

I use this device and it helps my spine into its proper position. It is a bit sore for a few minutes but improves quickly. I shared this with my Chiropractor and he was quite impressed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that had back challenges.

Kristin Regan Omdala
Love this!

This has helped tremendously in loosening
up my back and neck. I use it 10-15 minutes daily and look forward to my time on it. Absolutely love it.

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Trigger Point Rocker®

The TPR was designed with the understanding that each individual has variations in their body size and type. By changing the positioning of the body while using the TPR, it allows the user to target specific areas to get the maximum benefits. Although you don't have to be a specific height to use the TPR, it is most effective for users between the height range of 5'0" and 6'6". The TPR is also designed to be durable with a max weight capacity of 300 lbs.

We recommend sitting at the base of the product and laying down slowly by walking your hands back. The two top knobs of the TPR are supposed to fit in the suboccipital region of the skull.

We recommend rolling off of the side via a "log roll technique". The log roll technique maintains the alignment of the spine while turning. Imaging a rolling log. In this case, you are the log.

We recommend using the Trigger Point Rocker up to 15 minutes at a time. We have found the best time to benefit ratio is 10 minutes.

It can be painful when trying to address trigger points and those stubborn knots that we all struggle with. But after the first few minutes of using the TPR, the pain turns into a feeling of release!

A dual functioning bag. Going to the gym, in your car, office, friends house with terribly uncomfortable chairs? Strap the Trigger Point Rocker to a chair, car seat, etc. so you can get relief and keep your posture in check while on the go! Protect and carry your Trigger Point Rocker. Trigger Point Rocker Sling Bags are made with high quality canvas material to ensure durability and they're machine-wash safe.

Good posture means everything. You just can't put a price on it. Recent research has shown that there are clear links between good posture and: less stress, better sleep, more energy, and a happier life. Sit better, stand straighter. Reduce the prevalence of your neck and shoulder pain by improving your resting posture with our Premium Posture Corrector.

Our team has been hard at work testing the most effective exercises for you to use on the Trigger Point Rocker. This band set is the easiest and most frequently used accessory in our workouts. We'll share more of these workouts once you get the TPR. This premium set of bands is made of soft cotton & polyester fabric that features an inner layer of non-slip latex wire that keeps the band steady to give the user a comfortable experience when using it on bare skin. These bands are versatile, great to use for dynamic warm-ups, cross fit, yoga, pilates and strength workouts for your glutes. You can use these with and without the TPR. You will get 3 upgraded fitness bands with different resistance levels: Light, Medium, and Heavy. These resistant bands are portable and come with a bag for you to carry them anywhere. Take them to a park, gym or hotel so you can continue with your workout routine anywhere you go. Machine-wash safe, even after repeated washes and uses, the elasticity of these bands are maintained.


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